About BJP brand

The beginning and significance of the BJP

The idea of starting our own brand was born sometime in early 2016. The then still very young best hope of Czech martial arts Jiri Procházka had already had a ritual for several years, which was admired by the insiders - Sunday BJP training (bombs as fu**).

What is BJP, you ask? It was individual MMA training, combining combat, strength and dynamic training. Ritual training was always held and never skipped. No matter what the circumstances were, the training always had to be taken away, and always to exhaustion. Thus, the significance of BJP was born along with Jiri Prochazka's hard work and constant desire to push his limits and performance to the next level. Czech MMA was on the rise at this time, Jirka as the GCF champion of the organization signed a contract in the prestigious Japanese organization Rizin. By this time he was already a well-known personality and was getting a lot of questions about his Way of the Warrior.

He decided he wanted to leave a legacy behind. His plan was and is to pass on the experience to younger ones in the future who will follow a similar path of body and mind. In the meantime, he at least offered as an option for fans to purchase his merch, which was launched under the BJP brand, giving people a chance to express their attitude towards life.

The journey towards a clear goal, body and mind rocks. There is nothing that can stop me.



The BJP brand and we with it have evolved over time and despite all the setbacks we have encountered along the way we are still moving forward. We are currently targeting the interests of you who support us and are interested in our products. We are heading towards the production of clothing, health food and sports equipment. To train the body and the spirit. 

We have a long way to go, but we are not alone. We're all in this together It's not just about fighting and merch anymore. We want to give you ideas and products that you can take with you and use in your everyday life.

It's not just about George anymore, it's about all of us. It's about everyday attitude, actions, a positive mind and unbreakable faith. Only in this way can we achieve all that we desire and fulfill the meaning of BJP. #BelieveandDo

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