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Supercharged C60 is a special form of multilayer fullerene nano-carbon structures.

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When comparing the antioxidant properties of the basic fullerene C60 and vitamin C, C60 has been shown to have antioxidant effects 125x, 172x and 250x more potent than vitamin C. Supercharged C60 is the trade name for a new nanocarbon molecule that has demonstrated incredible properties and, as an advanced form of microactivated, multi-layered and highly organized carbon fullerenes, is still at least ten times more potent than conventional Carbon 60 (C60). It is produced by a solvent-free process and has a purity level of over 99.9 percent. 

It is time to make this product available in the Czech Republic, as various versions, dubious products based on basic C60, proprietary blends and cheap formulas with a small portion of C60 are increasingly appearing on the market, promising a lot of different music but actually delivering a minimal effect that is more of a placebo and the hope of a gullible consumer ignorant of the Carbon 60 issue. I've known about the original C60 for years, including through David Wolf's promotion, but have never tested it perfectly in person to provide a full review and output and place it here on my website. I believe enough interesting stuff to merit it. I'm finally going to finally take a look at this Supercharged C60, which is currently the most efficient C60 product on the market with a very specific protocol early next year, so I'll add more information afterwards. In the meantime, I consider it only fair to offer our market the most powerful C60 ever, surrounded by the massive support of reviews from satisfied and discerning users and all the studies ever conducted.

It's also worth mentioning that shilajit (which I've been extremely impressed with lately, and whose numerous species and brands I'm consistently testing myself right now) is one of the very few natural sources of C60.

Although EU legislation does not allow for a full description of the potential to be made, below you will find the maximum informative background to this particular product. This is a very expensive and specific product for discerning, special and knowledgeable individuals, so it is assumed that when purchasing they already know themselves why they are buying this substance and have done sufficient self-study on its issues and effects.

What is Supercharged C60 and what does it contain?

As a substance suitable for individuals focused on the most powerful antioxidants, longevity and immunity in particular, Supercharged C60 is an advanced form of micro-activated, multi-layered and highly organized carbon 60 (C60), which is considered one of the most effective anti-oxidant substances and has long been used and studied in relation to many specific effects related to free radicals and mitochondrial function. Supercharged C60 is exceptionally pure, in a vegan capsule, non-GMO and final packaged in a dark brown jar. In particular, C60 is designed to support the body at the cellular level and protect against oxidative stress of all causes. 

History of Supercharged C60

There is a long history of publications reporting the beneficial effects of exposure to pure fullerene-like carbon structures, beginning with a naturally occurring carbon-based mineraloid that was first described near the village of Shunga, Russia. This shungite has been used as a folk medicine since the early 18th century. Peter the Great set up the first Russian baths in Karelia to exploit the properties of shungite to purify the water he himself used. He also encouraged its use in providing purified water for the Russian army.

A brief history of research on the fullerene molecule C60

1979 : Buckminster Fuller describes and predicts the C60 molecule
1985 : Scientists Robert F. Curl, Harold W. Kroto and Richard E. Smalley actually discover C60
1992 : C60 was found to exist naturally in shungite
1996 : Nobel Prize awarded for the discovery of C60
1997 : Significant medical applications of C60 , e.g. antioxidant properties so strong that they reversed ALS symptoms in rats ( Dugan et al 1997 )
1998 : C60 was shown to inhibit HIV replication in rats ( Brettreich and Hirsch 1998 ; Schuster et al 2000 )
2007 : C60 was found to kill cancer cells ( Liu et al 2007 )
2007 : Important benefits and functions of C60 have been reported ( International Journal of Nanomedicine )
2012 : Scientists test the toxicity of C60 on rats: not only do rats given C60 in olive oil not die, they live 90% longer
2012-present : Research continues on the best ways to produce C60. A few advanced versions and superconcentrates of C60 are being produced by several manufacturers. Supercharged C60 as the current most potent C60 has been shown to be at least 10 times more potent than regular C60.


Fullerenes, named after the great American philosopher and extraordinary inventor Buckminster Fuller, are a new and recently discovered allotrope of carbon that combines sixty carbon atoms (C60) composed of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons in the shape of a football, often referred to as Buckyballs (see below). What makes Shungite special is the way its carbon molecules are arranged. This perfect geometric arrangement cannot be found anywhere else in nature and creates a "trap" for energy, causing the Buckyballs to spin billions of times per second and in a clockwise direction. This clockwise rotation is beneficial to all organic biological life because it is the same way cellular molecules, and therefore our molecules, rotate, which is consistent throughout nature.

Shungite is able to reduce the effects of e.g. EMF radiation, neutralize geopathic stress and tension because things that are toxic to nature and the body, such as EMFs, spin counter-clockwise. When this movement comes into contact with the molecules of our body rotating clockwise, it slows them down and sometimes even reverses direction. This counter-movement is said to create toxicity, oxidative stress, free radicals and adversely affect our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. With the opposite effect in harmony with cell function, fullerenes are considered one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. With a unique ability to protect the cells of the human body from the damaging effects of free radicals without losing molecular shape or functional efficacy. The energy fields created by fullerenes spin so fast that they reverse the counterclockwise movement of, for example, the aforementioned EMF energy fields, forcing them to rotate clockwise. This makes them more compatible with the cells in our body. It is this change in the energy field (attenuation) that makes shungite an exceptional and powerful substance. It does not block energy, but rather modifies it in a way that still allows it to function as it should.

Following its discovery in 2006, a great deal of effort was devoted to the multi-angle evaluation of Supercharged C60 with respect to its biocompatibility and safety due to its high potential value in supplements and medical research. Completely transparent through this rigorous testing, Supercharged C60™ has never shown toxicity and in fact has been shown to have excellent biocompatibility in all testing to date.

In 2011, French scientist Fathi Moussa led a team of researchers in one toxicity study of fullerene C60 mixed with olive oil. The researchers found that C60 improved the lifespan of rats. The C60 mixture helped them live 95% longer (that's almost double their normal lifespan) - the biggest historical discovery and breakthrough in animal life extension ever. Scientists attributed the results to C60's antioxidant properties, as well as its ability to biodistribute: to pass through the cell membrane and take effect in living tissues.

Other studies found similar effects in mice, with the animals living 8 days longer in their 120-day lives. In another study, researchers found that the lifespan of mice increased by 5 to 14 percent. This was true even when doses of C60 were started in the middle of the mice's lives. ( 1 , 2 )

A new type of fullerene molecule

Fullerenes is the collective name for a class of allotropic modifications of carbon that form a sphere, ellipse, or tube-like shape. In the literature, one can also encounter the term "buckyball", which has no precise scientific term assigned to it in the Czech language. A carbon C60 buckyball is a nanocarbon molecule composed of a unique, nearly spherical arrangement of 60 carbon atoms approximately one nanometer (nm) in diameter. Supercharged (Supercharged) C60 molecules, on the other hand, are arranged in concentric or nested fullerene layers of 10 to 20 (often viewed as onions) that form around the buckyball core.

The unique structure of the Supercharged C-60 molecule results in a significantly higher ability to suppress free radical activity on contact with each of its layers. It has a much greater number of sites on the outer layers for interaction with damaging free radicals than the uniform layer of conventional C60.

How does it work in a nutshell?

Supercharged C60 has fullerenes that include regular C60 and Supercharged multilayer C60. These fullerene-bound carbon molecules have a curved shape and absorb free radicals. Therefore, Supercharged C60 actually acts like a sponge that absorbs the harmful electrons of free radicals and removes them from the body as an incredibly powerful antioxidant.

Tips for use:

-Take with food or on an empty stomach! Although Supercharged C60 is very gentle on the stomach, when taken with healthy and stable fats such as olive, emu or coconut oil, you can further improve the absorption and function of the product. However, it is not recommended directly with or after meals. I.e., take either fasting or with some healthy fat. You can also open the capsules and take directly from them, but there is little reason to do so.

-Make changes and optimize your healthy lifestyle! The best strategy for maintaining physical health, vitality and releasing toxins is to maintain regular exercise, exercise, a healthy diet and drink plenty of good quality clean water daily. This will, among other things, increase the detoxifying properties and effect of Supercharged C60 and make the investment all the more significant and intertwined with other disciplines.

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. An advanced form of micro-activated, multi-layered and highly organized carbon fullerenes at least ten times more effective than regular C60.
Contents: 30 capsules
Recommended Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your physician.
30 servings per packet.
Ingredients in 1 serving (1 capsule): 
Supercharged C60 (from microactivated carbon) 10mg*
Other ingredients: organic MCT powder (medium chain triglycerides), organic rice husk, vege capsule: cellulose, ormus minerals supercharged
Country of origin.
Manufacturer: Global Healing Center, LLC, Houston, TX, 77055
Distributor in the Czech Republic: www.AdamRaw.cz, Adam Raw, Metylovice 552, Metylovice 73949, ID: 03452824
Minimum shelf life: according to the date on the bottom of the package
Storage: dry, cool and dark
Warning: keep out of reach of children. Keep away from dry, dry places and keep away from dry, dry places. Not intended for children under 3 years of age. In case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or when taking medication, consult a specialist.
This product has been marketed as a dietary supplement. This product has no approved medicinal properties and is not a medicine or intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Never exceed the recommended dosage. Always keep out of reach of children. The minimum shelf life is marked on the bottom of the package. All information provided herein is not intended to increase consumption or sales of the products. We do not encourage you to use the products inappropriately, immoderately or unreasonably. Always carefully read the label/package leaflet, the active ingredients and consult your doctor or pharmacist for the use of the products.

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