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Premium herbal blend for liver regeneration and digestion support in unique TRUGANIC quality.

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Liver health is a big topic that deserves its own article. Of course, the liver detoxifies itself 24/7 and with 100% proper diet and lifestyle, it needs no additional support. But unfortunately the situation is not always ideal, toxic environments, poor lifestyle and diet and especially drug and alcohol use can significantly burden or damage the liver. Few people know that a healthy Liver also controls the tendons and is the main energy organ of the entire body. Therefore, their condition goes hand in hand with the 500+ other functions they perform in the body, which is absolutely crucial especially for athletes and proper execution of movement. The abuse of stimulants, energy drinks, sugar and other drugs (such as anabolics and oral steroids) creates a lot of stress on the liver and breaks down the ability to control its own movement patterns and tendons properly, and in the long run this means dysfunction in movement, energy problems, fatigue and a host of other problems. This is why it is sometimes necessary to focus on 100% proper and liver-light eating, and possibly support the liver with a pure dietary supplement (however, I would not recommend 90% of dietary supplements designed for the liver at all, and instead would easily label them as dangerous/unsuitable for the liver).

The liver weighs about 1.5 kg. They are located in the upper right part of the abdominal cavity and perform over 500 different activities - more than 20 of which are said to be essential for life. They produce bile, which helps to break down fats, store fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and also carbohydrates (glycogen). They purify the blood and remove waste substances from it. The liver itself does not hurt because it is not provided with nerves. Excessive fatigue, swelling, pain in the thighs, inguinal hernia, headaches, brittle nails, hypersensitivity to noise, fits of rage and emotions of anger or irritability and aggression will often indicate liver problems. Although the liver has an amazing capacity for regeneration, it is not wise to sin too much. If we overload the liver, we pave the way for many problems.

Keeping the liver healthy is essential to good health. However, most people nowadays overload them with toxins. One of the basic functions of the liver is to cleanse the blood of toxic substances. The liver becomes more stressed as we age and when we do not consume enough fresh vegetables and light proteins. Medications can also cause liver damage. Constant overworking and damaging the liver can lead to liver failure. 

Liver Rescue™ - a dietary supplement - is an herbal blend for liver regeneration and digestive support.  It is based on milk thistle extract, which helps to detoxify and protect liver cells from negative environmental influences. In addition to its own antioxidant capacity, it also stimulates the natural production of antioxidant enzymes in the liver. The balanced composition of traditional herbs supports bile production and the digestive process. The main medicinal ingredients in this miracle herb are the flavonolignans silybin, silydianin and silychristin, collectively called silymarin. These substances protect the liver by preventing toxic substances from entering the liver tissue. In addition, they promote the regeneration of already damaged liver cells and strengthen the immune system. The fruit of the milk thistle is used for liver damage caused by jaundice, cirrhosis or poisoning by alcohol, drugs, industrial poisons or fungi. 

Of course, the product is the absence of unnecessary ballast, additives, anything artificial and maximum Trueganic quality(see below).

Beneficial effects of the main herbs:

Milk thistle (Silybum Marianum)

Supports liver health and liver immunity
Helps the detoxifying potential of the liver
maintains function thereby supporting digestion and overall body cleansing
protects liver cells from environmental influences
supports the functioning of the digestive system, especially the gallbladder
has antioxidant effects
strengthens the body against allergies
contains taraxacin, tannins and inulin

Fenugreek (Taraxacum Officinale)

supports digestive and excretory health
contributes to liver health
stimulates the production of digestive juices and movement in the digestive tract
Helps in the digestion of fats
beneficial effect on mental health
helps to increase the volume of healthy breast tissue
supports metabolism

Turmeric root (extract)
The curcuminoids in turmeric are antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects. This amazing and miraculous spice is traditionally used to cleanse the liver, aid detoxification and support gallbladder function.

Turmeric or also Indian saffron, which is a common ingredient in curry spices, has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and works as a powerful antioxidant. This yellow miracle has been one of the mainstays of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, but its positive health benefits have also been demonstrated in modern scientific studies. 

Turmeric helps regenerate liver cells, cleanses them of poisons and increases bile production. Research has also shown the positive effect of turmeric on brain cognitive function.

Chanca Piedra
A small rainforest plant whose name can be translated as "shattered stone" or "quarry stone". It has been used by generations of Amazonian peoples as an effective remedy for gallstones, kidney stones or other urological problems.

Recommended dosage: 2 - 4 capsules per day (initially 1 capsule per day then gradually increase the dosage) 

Intensive dosage: 6 - 12 capsules per day

Ingredients in 2 capsules: milk thistle seed extract (600 mg),
600 mg), Chanca piedra plant extract (100 mg), turmeric root extract (50 mg). "VeganCaps™" (from fermented tapioca, without reagents).

Nutritional values
Ingredients in 2 capsules = 1 serving
Energy value 5 kcal/ 21 kJ
Carbohydrates Milk thistle seed extract 600 mg
Fenugreek root extract 250 mg
Chanca piedra plant extract 100 mg
Turmeric extract 50 mg
Capsules: non-GMO tapioca
Not a source of fat, protein or fiber. 
Contents: 120 capsules - filled in "VeganCaps™" (from fermented tapioca, no additives

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