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Success is a long run, but with better concentration, memory and overall brain function, you'll be closer to your goals. Discover a unique combination of 5 substances that, when taken regularly, will help you manage more mental work more effectively, after just 2-4 weeks of use.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Long-term support of brain functions

Are you on the road to your work and study goals? You are heading in the right direction! Advanced Mind will help you manage more mental work in the long run. It will improve memory, logical thinking and concentration. And stress? Adieu.

Improving learning and memory

All the substances in the capsule comprehensively help with the learning process [1] [2] - from perceiving information, to processing it, to storing it. Phosphatidylserine and bacopa improve memory formation and information retention [3] [4].

Reducing anxiety

Gotukola and Ashwagandha reduce feelings of anxiety in the long term, which helps to promote better well-being and better outcomes. [5] [6]

Long-term increase in mindfulness

Bacopa increases stimulation of neurons in the brain, while vitamin D3 improves visual memory. [7]


Adaptogens in a capsule



Bacopa Monieri 300 mg
Extract and antioxidant high in bacosides stimulates concentration and helps with memory.

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Phosphatidylserine 250 mg
An important component of neurons. Strengthens the transmission of nerve excitement, improves memory and keeps the mind clear.

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Vitamin D3 20 µg
Helps improve visual memory in the long term.

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Gotu Kola 500 mg
Gotu Kola extract helps reduce tension levels and boosts memory.

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Ashwagandha 150 mg
Reduces stress and anxiety, also helps with complex brain functions.

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Vegan capsule 120 mg
All wrapped up in a completely vegan cellulose capsule.

How to use the product?


When to take

Morning or evening with food.


How many capsules?

2 capsules


Take with water

For proper dissolution and absorption, take with at least a glass of water.


Further information

Take for three weeks, then take a small break for a week.

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We develop products for the proper functioning of the body in the demanding conditions of the 21st century.

We want to do more in health. That's why we have found a natural shortcut to success. We create dietary supplements without unnecessary chemistry for a life lived to the maximum. In health.


We were looking for quality supplements to help keep up with the pace of today. We didn't find any, so we created them ourselves.

We know well the student life of spilling energy drinks and coffee the night before an exam. We know the stresses of work deadlines. But we value our health, so we started looking for ways to pursue our ambitions and life more effectively.

The journey led us through questionable dietary supplements and teas to our own exploration of the first natural combinations that would get us in shape. Mental and physical.

Through intensive research, we put together the first list of combinations and started testing their effects on productivity. The tests lasted 8 months and gave the world our first product - Mindflow Focus version 1.0.


A lot of water has passed since the first product saw the light of day. Today, we know that the journey to a healthy life lived to the fullest never ends. Join us on the journey. Be better every day than you were yesterday.

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