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Mindflow Mind Magnesium is a unique combination of 4 forms of magnesium and vitamin D. The highest quality magnesium tablets for the body and mind. It will effectively support the brain's thought processes and sleep quality, improve muscle function when magnesium is deficient and you will perform at your best. Work and sport.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The most effective magnesium for body and mind

Magnesium is the second most commonly deficient element in the body after vitamin D, so it often needs to be supplemented. The unique combination of magnesium in the form of glycinate, threonate, taurate and malate together with vitamin D in one capsule effectively supports the brain's thought processes, quality sleep and muscle function. You will perform better as a result.


High solubility

Solubility is a key property for proper absorption and utilization in the body. We have carefully selected forms that are highly soluble. [1]

Maximum absorption

Each of the forms of magnesium contained in Mind Mg is absorbed in a different location and partly by a different mechanism, ensuring better overall absorption. Magnesium absorption is also aided by the vitamin D3 content [2].

For the body and the brain

Magnesium threonate maximizes magnesium concentration in the brain, where it is needed for proper functioning. [3] Magnesium malate and glycinate are the forms best used for muscles, their proper function and relaxation. [4]



Carefully selected natural forms of magnesium



Magnesium Glycinate 700 mg
A highly soluble and absorbable chelated form of magnesium with the amino acid glycine.

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Magnesium Threonate 500 mg
Magnesium combined with a vitamin C metabolite is the most beneficial combination for the brain according to studies.

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Magnesium Taurate 200 mg
Magnesium combined with the amino acid taurine guarantees very good absorption and a long-lasting effect.

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Magnesium Malate 200 mg
The magnesium salt of malic acid is gentle on digestion and has very good permeability to muscles.

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Vitamin D3 20 μg
Vitamin D helps to maximize the absorption of magnesium into the body.

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Vegan capsule 130 mg
All packaged in 3 cellulose capsules.

How to take the product?


When to take

Every morning with meals


How many capsules?

1 - 3 capsules as needed


Take with water

For proper dissolution and absorption, take with at least a glass of water.


Additional information

Do not take with calcium or phosphate. 


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We develop products for the proper functioning of the body in the demanding conditions of the 21st century.

We want to do more in health. That's why we have found a natural shortcut to success. We create dietary supplements without unnecessary chemistry for a life lived to the maximum. In health.


We were looking for quality supplements to help keep up with the pace of today. We didn't find any, so we created them ourselves.

We know well the student life of spilling energy drinks and coffee the night before an exam. We know the stresses of work deadlines. But we value our health, so we started looking for ways to pursue our ambitions and life more effectively.

The journey led us through questionable dietary supplements and teas to our own exploration of the first natural combinations that would get us in shape. Mental and physical.

Through intensive research, we put together the first list of combinations and started testing their effects on productivity. The tests lasted 8 months and gave the world our first product - Mindflow Focus version 1.0.


A lot of water has passed since the first product saw the light of day. Today, we know that the journey to a healthy life lived to the fullest never ends. Join us on the journey. Be better every day than you were yesterday.

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