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The highest quality colostrum on the market. Organic certified raw colostrum in Miron purple glass.

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Product detailed description

According to strict regulations, this organic certified colostrum must first pass microbiological screening. Only those batches that are raw milk quality are further processed and the raw colostrum does not need to be pasteurised. So all the valuable ingredients remain 100% bioactive; only the water is extracted by freezing. The final 100g of raw organic colostrum is then packaged in Miron's precious purple glass. This packaging protects the sensitive ingredients from the denaturing effects of oxidation and sunlight. This QuraDea colostrum product is absolutely unique - the ultimate pure power of nature.

I have waited many years for someone to be able to process colostrum in such uncompromising and supreme quality. 

This unique 100g pack is available worldwide only in the Czech Republic and made to order for us as exclusive distributors.

This detailed product description will not be a series of endless lists of health benefits of colostrum and the conditions it can help - as this is not possible due to European legislation (although other sellers often violate it). However, it will be a factual and accurate reflection of the composition and qualities of this organic colostrum of the world's highest quality.

Since I have always considered dehydrated colostrum as the highest possible level of "dried nutrition" completely unmatched by any protein powder or meal replacement (colostrum is a true whole, native and complete food) I have personally tried dozens of brands! Over the course of 10 years I have imported and tried colostrum from top brands from the Czech Republic, EU and USA including the most "premium" and advertised ones - but I have never been convinced, no processor has produced such quality that I can permanently include it in my range with a "100% feeling". Indeed, as with whey protein or anything else, I insist on the best possible processing of the resulting "dietary supplement".

I only wanted absolutely unprocessed, i.e. raw - unpasteurized colostrum, taken immediately within a few hours after birth (after the calves are fully fed) and with BIO certification - from "ATB free" cows from eco pasture ("grass fed") and ideally then final packed in glass. No one on the market, no brand, offers this with a guarantee. It is difficult to achieve. When very uniquely unpasteurised colostrum appears, it is not organic and the origin is not 100% clear (the producer only states, for example, that he takes colostrum from X farmers - what and how their animals are fed and what medicines they have ever been given the consumer will never know), the packaging is of course always in BPA-containing plastic and without protection against oxidation and light.

But why should it be important to address the quality of colostrum so consistently? Why have the highest possible standards? Apart from the fact that I always have these demands for food supplements (as well as solid food) in general, it is mainly because Colostrum is the most nutritious and truly whole mammalian food in this world. Therefore, if we are going to take it and "package" it for our later use, we need to have the raw material without compromise. It is the first food of every mammal immediately after its birth. Any tampering with it disturbs its delicate structure and substance content - therefore, if something so unique is already taken and processed by man, it must be done perfectly. And from my point of view, and that of the greatest experts in the field, it can't be done better with current 21st century human technology than the certification-riddled QuraDea in Switzerland has achieved. Many companies are willing to make(and commonly do, no one will change that) many many compromises in the processing and path to the final product(we see this all over the food and dietary supplement field commonly), which is why there are so many varieties and brands of colostrum on the market today. They compete with each other, outdo each other in price and "quality", substance content...But more often than not, it is the banal nonsense and details that are dealt with than the really important stuff, which I will explain in detail below for all the laymen. Inside, however, every producer knows that there is only one top and uncompromising highest possible quality... starting from the source - through all the processing - to the final packaging and protection of the contents.

This QuraDea raw organic colostrum is completely unlike anything else on the market: 

packaged in dark purple Miron protective glass
BIO certified (BIOSUISSE - Switzerland)
Bio-dynamic quality (DEMETER)
taken up to a maximum of 12 hours after birth
hand-filled without the use of any fillers
100% BIOactive
Whole (whole milk and whole protein)
processed by freezing only
(!) contains lactose (!)


CONTENT: 100g of pure RAW unpasteurized DEMETER organic colostrum (dose for 1 day = approx. 1g)


Colostrum is a unique elixir. It is the first breast milk that all mammals - including humans - receive immediately after birth. In the course of development, Mother Nature has equipped colostrum with a large number of vital and protective substances. This harmlessness allows newborns to develop their own immune system. It strengthens their defensive forces and promotes a good start in life and healthy growth from the beginning.

COW colostrum VS. other types (sheep, goat, etc..)

In general, I do not recommend dairy products and milk at all, but only the actual resulting products of fermentation according to the traditional raw recipes of the old world and our ancestors. Ideally, then, more often from goat's milk, because it is closer in composition to human breast milk than other types and the better digestibility of its molecularly smaller macronutrients plays a large role in the volume of the normal diet - especially for sensitive people. In the case of colostrum, however, completely different factors play a role, for which I prefer and recommend cow's colostrum over all other types.

First and foremost, I am a top athlete and a very active person, and cow colostrum has by far the highest content of growth factors, hormones and antibodies of all the species - so it has the best potential for building, strengthening and regenerating the body - especially muscle mass, tendons, bones and joints. However, dried colostrum is dosed (due to its rarity and price) in the grams and its value lies in MICRONUTRIENTS, growth factors, bio-identical hormones, immune factors, etc. - i.e. unique substances inherent to colostrum. For example, milk protein(of which casein is only a part) is only 0.39g in 1g(4 capsules) of this colostrum. Lactose 0,06g and fat 0,2g. These are negligible and trace amounts. So of course it is pointless to deal with macronutrients in any way with colostrum unless you are a downright allergic or very sensitive person with intolerances. For such persons, however, it is generally best not to use any dairy products.

The most important thing about colostrum is its content of hormones, immunoglobulins (antibodies) and growth factors, according to the tests (see table below) we can see that cow colostrum has a lot of progesterone, pregnenolone and even some testosterone, which of course suits sportsmen and sportswomen better, on the other hand e.g. Goat colostrum is extremely rich in female sex hormones, which makes it a great choice for older women and during menopause(when the body's own production of estrogens slowly dries up) - but on the other hand, it is a very UNsuitable supplement for all children until the end of puberty, due to the large amount of estrogens.

 All mammals have the same sex hormones, humans have the same sex hormones as dolphins or elephants!..or as cows, goats and sheep from which colostrum is taken. They're not species-specific. We can absorb these bioactive substances directly through the mucous membranes in our mouth and small intestine. Hormonal analysis of various colostrum samples showed the following average content:

Analysis of hormones in nanograms per 1 gram of freeze-dried powder (3 types of colostrum):

Hormons Cow Goat Sheep
pregnenolon 31.73 12.63 5.07
progesteron 0,63  0,18 0,31
androstendion 1,86  0,15 n.b.
testosteron 0,07  n.b. n.b.
epi-testosteron 0,50  0,32 0,22
estrone 15,83 171,83 30,70
estradiol-17alfa 4,63  176,03 16.30
estradiol-17beta 5,53 8.50 2,80

This applies only to whole colostrum that has not been defatted. Non-fattened colostrum is much lower in hormones and other substances! I cannot recommend any modified or defatted colostrum for use. Because the hormones - especially the hormones - are synthesized from cholesterol (see chart below) and are lipophilic (fat soluble); i.e. they stick in the fat membrane. It is also clear from the results of the analysis in the renowned Swiss laboratories that cow colostrum contains by far the most growth factors of any common type of colostrum.

Colostrum therefore contains biologically identical hormones that are not species-specific in nature (mammalian world). Hormone is an ancient Greek term that can be translated as "drive". These are internal secretory glandular substances that "activate" organs and metabolism. Colostrum contains many male and female sex hormones, and in general, the most suitable species for the broadest group of (non-allergic) people of all ages (especially sportsmen, sportswomen and active people) is clearly BLOOD colostrum.

Most of us central Europeans are specifically adapted to dairy products, as evidenced by the high consumption (unfortunately) of pasteurized cow products in our country. Genotypically, cow production is also more suitable for us in our country (Czech Republic/SR) - this is proved by the whole history and statistics of cattle and dairy breeding in our country. That is why 90% of Czechs and Slovaks naturally turn up their noses at goat or sheep and, going with their instinct, prefer cow production. Most people in our areas simply do not like the smell and taste of these milks, which in itself suggests a great deal. On the other hand, peoples more historically associated with goat and sheep farming and the consumption of their products are suited to these specific characteristics. Thus, if a person is sensitive to cow's milk, it does not follow that cow's colostrum will also irritate them. In any case, the amount of the normally irritating dairy ingredients in a daily dose is trace. However, do not take colostrum with a direct allergy to casein or lactose.

Goat and sheep colostrums are more often pasteurized and almost never have BIO certification and actual testing for antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. Then anyone can promise you anything about the source animals, their feed, medicines and overall condition, but one thing is for sure - in this day and age of consumer care, the power of advertising and commerce, if someone simply doesn't have the certifications and verifications, there is a clear reason - they are not getting them with the quality and transparency of their sources. Only the purest and highest quality, verified organic products can obtain these certifications in Europe. And e.g. organic certification in Switzerland will automatically mean organic, healthy animals from organic pastures, fed on grass and hay and guaranteed to be free of antibiotics!

For more information about the composition and comparison of other types of colostrum, I recommend to look up in the literature rather than on the internet, especially not from the sellers themselves, who are often not really objective (or deal with nonsense like MICronutrients in a product dosed in grams instead of the really important factors of a unique colostrum). I wrote my perspective as objectively and truthfully as possible. Subjectively, however, cow colostrum also fits me best. I have tested more than 10 varieties from top brands in both powdered and encapsulated form.

For more information on species comparison:

cow colostrum
suitable for men, women and young people
ideal for convalescence
the best choice for athletes and recovery, muscle mass
supports women after childbirth (progesterone)
also suitable for dogs, cats and other pets

Special properties of cow colostrum:

contains the most progesterone and even some testosterone

goat colostrum
is the best choice for older women during menopause

Special properties of goat colostrum:

contains the most estrogens
it is easier to digest due to its lower protein content

sheep colostrum
it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers
is the best choice for infants and smaller children

Special properties of sheep colostrum:

male and female hormones are quite balanced
smaller proteins are easily digestible

Colostrum - a source of life for humans and animals

 The legal definition speaks of animal secretion, which is rich in antibodies and minerals. However, it is a real abundance of different components that are absolutely unique in their density and specificity. Nowhere else can we find so many bioactive immune factors and immunological substances in food.

The immune systems of mammals and humans are very similar. Thus, all colostrum contains many immune factors that are not species-specific. Therefore, colostrum can be transferred from one mammalian species to another and also to humans. For this reason, humans can benefit from, for example, the colostrum of cows, sheep, goats, etc. in a great way.

Humans discovered colostrum early in history. More than 10,000 years ago, our ancestors started breeding wild animals. The milk yield of primitive cattle increased, and today dairy cows give more milk and colostrum than they themselves need. A calf needs 6 litres of colostrum within 12 hours of birth. Farmers can save the rest from the first two milkings; on average, we have about 5 litres of extra colostrum left. For sheep and goats, 1 and 0.5 litres of colostrum remain.

Colostrum - natural elixir
Cows are the most common source of colostrum. However, sheep and goats also supply rich first milk, which is primarily an alternative for allergy sufferers and young children. To ensure that none of the valuable ingredients are denatured, it is essential to process colostrum as finely as possible. In addition, the time of collection plays an important role in the quality of the colostrum. High-quality colostrum comes from the first 12 hours or less after birth, when the immune factor content is still very high. After that, their concentration decreases rapidly.

Colostrum - medicine or food?
Colostrum is considered a food of animal origin in Switzerland and the European Union. Under current food laws, it is prohibited to claim possible protective or medicinal effects of colostrum. However, many people trust this natural food supplement and testify about their experiences in the news. Interested people are advised to search for colostrum studies independently at www.pubmed.gov. Among them are some valuable papers that have a high scientific standard. More below..

Colostrum cannot be copied
Colostrum is a 100% natural, whole, native and unique substance that cannot be copied. The first milk contains minerals and plant substances that are transformed by animals into a holistic substance. The roots of colostrum lie in three kingdoms: the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

Cows, goats and sheep thus become the givers of a unique source of life that can provide effects not found in any other natural substance.

While minerals, vitamins and amino acids are found in many plant and animal products, colostrum contains ingredients found nowhere else in nature. With various immune factors such as growth factors, antibodies and hormones, colostrum is an incredibly rich and unique natural substance.

As a natural dietary supplement, colostrum can be useful in a preventative sense for people of all ages.

Beautiful photos on this website by Martin Bienert - see www.alpsicht.ch 

In general, the colostrum of cows is characterized by a high content of antibodies. This "cow gold" is not just available on request and is therefore very rare indeed. It is always intertwined with each new calf life. Thanks to Swiss organic farming regulations, the excellent quality of cow colostrum can be guaranteed. Colostrum is a rare natural treasure!
The calf receives virtually no immunoglobulins during pregnancy. It is produced without active immune protection. The full immune system of the mother with all her immune factors is only transferred to the calf when the colostrum is sucked for the first time. This guarantees the newborn an optimal start in life.

 Since most immune factors are not species specific, they can also be transferred to humans. Large proteins such as antibodies develop their effect in the gastrointestinal tract, while smaller immune factors such as hormones can be absorbed into the blood.

Why can a farmer collect colostrum for our production?

This is only possible because animals such as cattle, goats and sheep have been raised organically for milk production. The milk yield of dairy cows has increased over the decades - and so has the amount of colostrum. Cows from our Swiss organic suppliers give an average surplus of 5 litres of colostrum in the first 12 hours after birth. So we make sure they always get their share first.

Nutritional values, composition and specifications of the unique content:

This colostrum contains per 100g: Energy - 2053 kJ / 491 kcal; 53.6g protein; 8.9g carbohydrate(as lactose); 26.7g fat and of which saturated 20.5g; 0.6g sodium; 

Colostrum contains an incredible variety of different components with immunogenic effects. This variety of immune capabilities is unique to any food.

Most interesting are the numerous immune factors. These are bioactive substances that can directly influence immunological processes: antibodies (= immunoglobulins), growth factors, hormones and cytokines. Of course, colostrum also contains various vitamins, enzymes and minerals, as well as all amino acids. This perfect integrity must be preserved in its natural raw composition and quality, because the whole colostrum is much more than the sum of its parts. There is an interesting publication on this subject by Aejin Lee et al - which you can find on the internet. The following is a brief introduction to the most important immune factors of colostrum:

antibodies = immunoglobulins
Immunoglobulins are produced as a response of the immune system to invading pathogens. The antibodies can make these bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc. Either neutralize them or label them so they can be eliminated by other immunocompetent helper cells. Five classes of immunoglobulins are found in the colostrum:

IgG antibodies - make up the largest portion with about 80% of the total immunoglobulins. They are responsible for direct defense against attack by bacteria, viruses, etc.
IgA antibodies - are the second most important and protect the mucous membranes in the nose, throat and intestines from bacterial and viral attacks. Therefore, it is also recommended to dissolve colostrum in the mouth 
IgM antibodies - serve as IgG to neutralize foreign microorganisms.
IgD antibodies - stimulate the helper B cells of the immune system to produce specific antibodies.
IgE antibodies - are present only in small amounts and control allergic reactions.

growth factors
Growth factors are messengers that influence cell metabolism by transferring information from one cell to another. They directly influence cell division and stem cell differentiation and may also regulate various intracellular processes. Signals are usually transmitted by growth factors binding to a specific receptor on the cell membrane. Colostrum contains several growth factors:

 EGF = epithelial or epidermal growth factors repair damaged areas of mucosa or skin. They also have an antibacterial effect.
TGFs = a group of transforming growth factors have many effects on cell division and differentiation of various cell types in almost all organs.
IGF-1 = insulin-like growth factor is structurally very similar to insulin. It increases the rate of fatty acid absorption and enhances protein synthesis. Almost all cells in the body have receptors for IGF-1 and IGF-2.

bio-identical hormones (see above for main information and table)

Hormones belong to the immune factors. They have a considerable influence on our metabolism in general and our general condition in particular. If you would like to learn more about hormones, two books by Elisabeth Buchner are highly recommended. Further information about bioidentical hormones is available online at: www.hormonselbsthilfe.de or elsewhere on the internet and in the literature.

Lactoferrin (LF) is an iron-binding glycoprotein found in many body fluids and in white blood cells. The biological activities of LF include anti-infective, antioxidant, proliferative and immunomodulatory effects. LF also has potent antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, LF increases the proliferation and differentiation of intestinal epithelial cells and affects immune functions such as cytokine production, macrophage activation and natural killer cells.

other immune factors
cytokines - are proteins, peptides or glycoproteins secreted by specific cells of the immune system. Colostrum contains numerous cytokines with different immunogenic properties: their anti-inflammatory activity can regulate the immune system and its production of antibodies. They act together with other colostrum components such as antibodies, lactoferrin, etc.

Proline-rich polypeptides (PRP) - consist of several peptides that contain a high content of the amino acid proline. PRP is derived from the proteolysis of ß-casein in the colostrum. PRP regulates the secretion of cytokines that affect both inflammatory and immune responses. It can stimulate a weakened immune system and calm allergic overreaction. PRP also plays an anti-oxidant role by reducing reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels. Overall, PRP has strong immunomodulatory properties.

Glycoproteins - are active components that contribute to the effectiveness of immune factors by protecting them from enzymatic degradation in acidic gastric conditions. Basically, colostrum contains many sugars in addition to lactose. The soluble sugars in colostrum prevent bacteria and viruses from binding to intestinal cells.

Oligosaccharides - are long-chain sugar compounds that are not digestible. Colostrum contains galactosyl lactose, which is considered an effective prebiotic. With bifidogenic properties, it serves as a nourishment for the beneficial intestinal flora of the colon.


Looking at the amount of bioactive compounds and major hormones and growth factors that colostrum contains, I first questioned its actual safety and the reason for using something so potent at all in adulthood? I have searched both the literature and the internet and there appear to be no documented adverse effects as a result of using colostrum as a dietary supplement. Indeed, the last nearly 60 years of research on colostrum and the hundreds of published positive studies go hand in hand with the legislation for dietary supplements to prove its safety. However, the presence of IGFs in colostrum and reports of elevated serum IGF levels following colostrum use have raised some concerns about its safety in the past. Several studies have shown that there are elevated levels of IGF-1 in the circulation of patients with certain types of malignancies including, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The fact that IGF-1 is a growth-promoting substance has led some to erroneously conclude that it is the causative agent of malignant disease and tumor growth promotion. However, recent studies have shown that tumor cells have poorly functioning or modified receptors for IGF-1 on their surface, and because IGF-1 binding to the cell surface receptor triggers many functions in all cells, unbound, available IGF-1 will be backed up in the circulation. Therefore, the higher levels of IGF-1 found in the circulation of cancer patients are a manifestation of their cancer and not a causative factor. A similar manifestation of receptor dysfunction and corresponding changes in circulating IGF-1 levels are observed in diabetics.(Reference: SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL RESEARCH RELATED TO BOVINE COLOSTRUM, ITS RELATIONSHIP AND USE IN THE TREATMENT OF DISEASE IN HUMANS, SELECTED PUBLISHED ABSTRACTS By: Anthony Kleinsmith, Ph.D.)

Even from the point of view of common sense, it makes sense that nature does not equip the natural diet of all mammals with substances that cause any terminal diseases; on the contrary, it should provide protection against them by the proper development of the immune system. From my own studies of the human body and diet over the past 12 years, I have come to the conclusion that oxidation and toxicity associated with polyunsaturated fatty acids, fructose, insulin, poorly digested food, and stress probably play the most significant causal role in terminal disease. For more information, I recommend searching the literature.

So why use colostrum in adulthood? Our body is constantly renewing itself, tissues are growing, regenerating. The cells of our body, skeleton and organs are constantly renewed and the old ones are replaced by completely new ones. In fact, for example, every 2-4 weeks we have new skin - the largest organ of the human body, every 7-10 years we have new bones, whose constant renewal is called bone remodelling. For example, organs such as the human liver and even the heart, which was previously thought to be among a narrow group of tissues that do not renew (such as most brain cells given from birth or eye cells) are rebuilt every about half a year(liver) and about 20 years(heart) which is impressive. I believe that proper material and support is needed for the proper restoration and functioning and remodeling of the body, just like for example the muscles and tendons of athletes. And colostrum, like other unique whole foods, can play a very positive role in this relationship.

Note on direct use:

For superior absorption and usability, I recommend taking colostrum by emptying the contents of the capsules onto a spoon and taking the powder directly into the mouth. In the mouth, allow the colostrum to mix with saliva and chew. Then swallow without water. I recommend drinking after 20-30 min.

In this way, many of the bioactive substances are already absorbed through the lining of the oral cavity and the rest reaches the stomach already digested, which further maximizes all the benefits.

In any case, the product can also be drunk classically according to the instructions on the label.


Dodavatelé mleziva

Všichni naši dodavatelé jsou ekologičtí a demeterští zemědělci, kteří dodržují pokyny a předpisy společnosti Bio Suisse, které jsou nejpřísnější v Evropě.

We regularly visit our suppliers. We are always pleased to see how great their responsibility and seriousness is. This shows the incredible sincerity and authenticity of the farmers.

This spirit gives confidence in the best quality of the colostrum and a responsible regard for the welfare of the young animals. They need enough first milk to build a healthy and strong immune system. The farmer also knows that his cows could supply several calves with fresh colostrum. This is because of our ancestors who have been raising dairy animals for centuries. As the milk yield increases, the amount of colostrum also increases.

Today, we can rely entirely on our Swiss organic colostrum suppliers to collect high quality immune milk. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the farming families for their dedicated work!

Organic colostrum

Our QuraDea colostrum is exclusively sourced from cows from certified organic and biodynamic farming. These two certifications signify sustainable farming that cares for our precious resources and takes animal welfare seriously.

QuraDea colostrum products have been awarded BIOSUISSE. This certification signifies food of the highest organic quality.

BIO SUISSE has very strict agricultural guidelines
Feeding, fertilizing, hygiene regulations and the use of anything is regulated and regularly checked. These standards form the framework for our colostrum suppliers and are approved by annual audits. As a producer, we also require that every cow must be absolutely free of antibiotic treatments for at least one year. This ensures that there is no chance of the colostrum containing ATB. The preventive administration of antibiotics as a food additive in conventional agriculture is a major problem in the food chain. Bio Suisse strictly prohibits this harmful use of antibiotics.

 For our colostrum, it is the first and second milking that happens in the first 12 hours after birth. For a newborn calf, colostrum is essential for survival. Unlike humans, it has received no prenatal immunization with maternal antibodies and is therefore absolutely dependent on colostrum. Only the surplus is available for our processing. It's a very precious raw material that we value and respect like the cow's gold.

 Nature is extremely economical and rarely produces surpluses. They are only created by breeding. This began thousands of years ago (see the history of the colostrum). Only today's "high performance" dairy cows provide us with surplus milk and colostrum.



In principle, there are four different processing steps, which we will present to you.


1. Fractionation of colostrum is controversial.

 Processing of raw colostrum is carried out without any fractionation. Most other producers separate the fat and casein fractions. This reduces the colostrum to its serum, which actually corresponds to whey protein. The serum is then cold-filtered and offered as a liquid colostrum product.

 But of course, whole colostrum consists of more than just whey protein. Bioactive colostrum also includes physiologically important casein-minerals and a full spectrum of fatty acids. Fractionation removes important components from colostrum, resulting in a loss of synergistic interactions.

Fat in the colostrum:

important fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) adhere to the surface of the fat particles
the fat in colostrum contains many unsaturated fatty acids
natural hormones are also bound to the fat particles
the fat has a protective effect in the processing of raw colostrum
in the digestive process, the fat protects the basic ingredients from stomach acids
The Basel milk allergy study shows that only whole milk has a preventive effect on allergies and asthma, which is not true for skim milk.

Casein in colostrum:

Casein binds the calcium and magnesium ions of colostrum; it also contains:
66% of total calcium
53% of total magnesium
50% organic phosphorus

2. sterilisation of the colostrum is mandatory

 Sterilisation is a necessary step in the processing of raw colostrum to ensure food safety. Colostrum as first milking milk can be more contaminated with bacteria than milk after 2 months of breastfeeding. This is why federal food legislation in all countries requires adequate bacteria/ germ control/processing. This is usually done by filtration techniques or pasteurization. Both processes disturb the composition of raw colostrum.

 Bacterial monitoring for our unpasteurized cow colostrum does not require either of the two common sterilization processes. The developed microbiological analysis of raw colostrum always releases only the purest batches of colostrum for direct freeze-drying, eliminating the need to sterilize bacteria by conventional denaturing processes.


3. colostrum drying must be gentle

 Drying sterilised colostrum allows the powder to be stored for several years, as well as for the production of capsules, tablets and cosmetics. Spray drying is mainly used in conjunction with large-scale industrial production in the USA and New Zealand. The continuous process is cheap but determines the quality of the product. It denatures the ingredients by high pressure and high temperatures. Analyses show that freeze drying is clearly a more environmentally friendly drying method.

QuraDea Colostrum is frozen exclusively in small batches.

4. standardisation has a denaturing effect

 Using industrial colostrum processing methods, products can be offered that have been fractionated and reassembled. By enriching or standardising certain components, colostrum products with a defined IgG content can then be offered. However, the presentation of high immunoglobulin content in colostrum quality measurements is a widespread and misleading practice. Colostrum enrichment occurs at the expense of other vital substances. This will compromise the quality and biological activity of native colostrum.

 The aim of our colostrum processing is to preserve the original organic quality of the colostrum as much as possible. In order to preserve the valuable raw material and nativeness - the production steps are reduced to the bare basics



Further information on the detailed composition of cow colostrum

Colostrum is a source of many ingredients that promote bioactive vitality. It has been the subject of intensive scientific research for more than fifty years.

The diversity of all ingredients is naturally balanced to support newborns in perfect synergy. The analyzed values of the QuraDea cow colostrum ingredients below are subject to certain fluctuations because the raw material is of natural origin.

The analysed data refers to 1 gram of freeze-dried powdered QuraDea cow colostrum.

Vitamin A 13,5 ug/g
Vitamin B1 1,5 ug/g
vitamin B2 1,5 ug/g
vitamin B6 0,5 ug/g
vitamin B12 1 ng/g
folic acid 0.2 ug/g
vitamin C 5 ug/g
Vitamin D3 11 ng/g
vitamin E 66.5 ug/g
Ubiquinone Q10 0.2 ug/g


sodium 51 ug/g
potassium 5.9 mg/g
calcium 7.8 mg/g
magnesium 1 mg/g 
iron 7.7 ug/g
copper 0.35 ug/g
zinc 82 ug/g
chromium 0.1 ug/g
phosphorus 6,6 mg/g
selenium 0.2 ug/g



alanine 23 mg/g
arginine 26 mg/g
aspartic acid 52 mg/g
p-alanine 2.5 mg/g
ß-aminoisobutyric acid 8 mg/g
citrulline n.d.
Cystine 11 mg/g
Glutamine n.d.
Glutamic acid 98 mg/g
glycine 19 mg/g
histidine 14 mg/g
isoleucine (essential) 24 mg/g
leucine (essential) 54 mg/g
lysine (essential) 46 mg/g
methionine (essential) 11 mg/g
ornithine n.d.
phenylalanine (essential) 26 mg/g
ethanolamine phosphate n.d.
phosphoserine n.a.
proline 49 mg/g
serine 47 mg/g
taurine n.d.
threonine (essential) 41 mg/g
tryptophan (essential) 12 mg/g
tyrosine 32 mg/g
valine (essential) 44 mg/g



creatinine 25 mg/g
creatine 0,8 mg/g
lactoferrin 14 mg/g
methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 2,1 ug/g



IgG 264 mg/g
IgA 25 mg/g
IgM 11 mg/g



IGF-1 2.1 ug/g
IGF-2 1 ug/g
TGF-S 0.12 ug/g


progesterone 0.6 ng/g
pregnenolone 31.7 ng/g
androstenedione 1.8 ng/g
testosterone 0.07 ng/g

epi-testosterone 0.5 ng/g
estrone 15,8 ng/g
oestradiol-17β 5,5 ng/g
estradiol-17alpha 4,6 ng/g




In principle, colostrum should be taken for a prolonged period of 3 - 6 months for best effect. This period has proven to be the most useful and effective. It is advisable to use the provided measuring cup or weigh the powder using a food scale. 1 teaspoon aligned = approximately 1g of colostrum.

Recommendations for serving QuraDea raw colostrum may vary from person to person. However, see below for general guidelines. It is advisable to allow a dose of powdered colostrum (0.5g) to dissolve in the mouth for 4-5 minutes. Do this every hour to achieve rapid absorption of immune factors.

The basic dose is up to one included scoop (3g of colostrum) per day for a total of always fasting.

 Adult 1g per day:

Alternatively dissolve the powder in the mouth or add to a cold drink/cocktail

Youth in high school 1g per day:

Alternatively, dissolve the powder in the mouth or add to a cold drink/cocktail

Primary school children 0.5g per day:

alternatively dissolve the powder in the mouth or add to a cold drink/cocktail

Toddlers in nursery 0.25g per day:

for example, stir the powder into porridge, yoghurt etc.


Alternative recommended administration:

dissolving the powder in the mouth
The powder dissolves in the mouth for a few minutes. Many substances are thus absorbed already through the oral mucosa and do not have to pass through the small intestine.

Larger portions
Of course, colostrum can also be taken in larger doses. This is exactly what many athletes do in extreme training or competition periods to support their recovery. For this purpose, the dose can easily be increased to even 3 - 5 grams - for several days. For example, mix into a regular shake/shake after training.

 Exclusive distribution for CR/SR: www.AdamRaw.cz

 Czech product label (registered as a food supplement with the Czech Food Inspection Authority since 05/2020):

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